Treatment depends on the cause, symptoms, and type of swallowing problem. Therapy may include education in compensatory techniques to make swallowing more efficient and to reduce the risk of aspiration, diet modification, and/or instruction in exercises to strengthen and improve the coordination of the swallowing mechanism. Moreover, using VitalStim therapy (Electrical shock wave that is helpful for some patients to strengthen muscles responsible for swallowing mechanism.) A Swallowing Disorder Physician may recommend:

  • Specific swallowing treatment e.g.Rehabilitative exercisesto improvemuscles movement.
  • Positions or strategies to help the individual swallow moreeffectively
  • Specific food and liquid textures that are easier and saferto swallow
  • After the evaluation, family members or caregivers can helpby:
  • Asking questions to understand the problem and therecommended treatment
  • Assisting in following the treatment plan:
  • Help with exercises
  • Prepare the recommended textures of food and liquid, makingsure that recommendations for eating safely are followed
  • Keep track of how much food or liquid is consumed